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Champagne and Paparazzi Sept 01!!

Come for the fashion, music, hookahs and the photo booth….basically be seen with the whos who of Atlanta. We have 5 dollars drink specials and talent by DJ Ree De La Vega!! See you soon!


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Atl’s Art Scene

In a city full of transplants the artistic climate is a unique one.  Atlanta is no New York nor is it a San Francisco but it definitely has its own unique voice……

Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling is a growing collective of female artists who are unearthing creative outlets to explore aspects of black womanhood. With the use of photography, mixed media production, acrylic and oil paint, illustration, and print making techniques, we focus on the stories of a historically marginalized and minimized people…..
A versatile collection of conceptual art, we comfortably fit in both gallery and academic spaces. This is art made with and for purpose. We foresee a bright future allowing us to tour this exhibit throughout the globe. How can we acknowledge ancestry and history, while at the same time healing the social divisions that inform our basic interactions with one another? This is not an easy undertaking and thus, this project will run a very long and intimate course. More accurately referred to it as a movement, we hope to open minds and excite hearts.

As artists, the women of this collective feel the responsibility to harness the power inherent in visual mediums and use it for the elevation of the human experience.  Esoteric Lore is an evolving movement and is continuously seeking opportunities to reach out and ignite innovation. Stories that have been negated and suppressed still hold significant power and are celebrated through the art of visual storytelling.

Dodekapus: Our vision is to establish a prominent and accessible local arts culture that sustains artists and fosters a strong connection with the community. Dōdekapus plans to build new bridges to the community to allow local artists to become more involved with their neighborhoods. Dōdekapus believes local involvement in the arts is an important aspect of developing a healthy local arts culture that is both stimulating and beneficial to the community. Collaboration between artists of different disciplines creates something which is greater than the sum of its parts. Through this creative process, Dōdekapus can produce and develop multi-media projects which both help artists develop individually as well as produce work that can be enjoyed locally.

Wonderroot:WonderRoot was founded in 2004 in response to Atlanta’s need for an organization that unites artists and community advocacy. We believe that artists have the potential to change the world. Musicians, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and artists of all other mediums have the ability to communicate globally moving freely through the barriers of language and geographical restraints. In a society that receives much of its information through the media, the most effective way to implement positive change is through using media resources. We are artists giving back to the community that has done so much to inspire us.

Art Beats + Lyrics:  (Although this is a traveling showcase not solely unique to Atlanta its always a welcoming sight to behold 🙂 )Art, Beats + Lyrics was established in 2004 when founder Jabari Graham faced being laid off from his job.  Jabari figured he could look for new employment or create it himself.  He had long toyed with the idea of creating a showcase for unrecognized urban artists.  Jabari decided to follow his dream, investing his savings and severance package to fund an urban art showcase in Atlanta’s eclectic Little Five Points District.  The exhibition was well received.  The venue held 250 people, but over 400 attended.  With that initial success, Jabari teamed with Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright.  Dubelyoo had been creating his own art shows and brought experience, connections with artists and the inside perspective, being an artist himself, to the showcase.  Together they repackaged the event and “Art, Beats + Lyrics” was born.  Positive reviews from their first show made their second show at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art an unparalleled success in both AB+L and High Museum history.  The museum was filled to capacity within three hours of the show’s opening.  With the success of that and several other shows the next step was to take the show on the road. The concept for the show was pitched to Jack Daniels and the partnership to produce one of the largest traveling urban art exhibition was born.

…..and that is just the tip of the iceberg

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